As of last week I am proud to say that Ben and I hired our first ever employee for our software company, Drifty Co.

It's an extremely exciting time. I've always been interested in what makes a great work environment, and now I have the chance to create one.

Ben and I have come up with a few list of cultural details and perks we think are important for a small software company such as Drifty, and we intend to roll these out over 2013.

Since this is a work in progress, I'd love your feedback on our list, including anything we are missing.

Features of a Great Workplace

Learning Experience

This list provides solutions to workplace problems Ben and I have personally experienced or have gathered from the experiences of others. While it's not a perfect list, we feel very strongly that to hire and retain great people that love their jobs, workplace awesomeness has to be taken seriously right from the beginning.

The cost of getting this wrong is drastic: hiring is a large time and money drain, and a toxic work environment is difficult to clean up as well as being a failure of our dreams.

We expect to fail at implementing this list. But part of forming a great company culture is failing at things, and acting quickly on the feedback of your employees to right them.

This list will be a team project with all of our current and future employees, and that's what really excites us the most about hiring and growing a great team of people we love working with.

What about you? What perks or cultural features do you think make a great work environment?